What the hell?
They're books, of dogs.

Well, yeah, but what the hell?
I ran across these scrapbooks at a garage sale, and felt the need to buy them. I plunked down my two quarters on the card table and walked away with the Brown and Red Books of Dogs.

Why the hell would you put it online?
Call me a proponent of alternative forms of online media. Take an entire book of pictures and put it online, page-by-page. Ever seen that before? Of course not. Why not? Because there's the movement to abuse the bells-n-whistles of the internet when doing these sorts of things. Maybe I should have each picture linked and indexed, with cross-references of similar photos? Maybe a Flash animation with background music? Look at the internet in a different way -- distance transmission of unique things. There aren't multiple copies of these books. I own the only two. Maybe I could mail them to you, maybe I could give them to a library so others could check them out.......or I could take an evening, scan them all, format them for viewing, and put the entire contents of both volumes online.

You're fucked in the head.
Thank you. You're awfully belligerent.

It's one in the morning.
I see....I'll let it slide. THIS time.

Why do you think these books were originally created?
I have two thoughts: either it was a child, or it was an artist. Kids love cutting and pasting, which would be the obvious choice. On the other hand, artists do well when they have resources to paint from instead of trying to do things from memory. If this person painted, drew, or sculpted dogs often, he/she would benefit from having a book full of dogs in different poses & conditions. I don't think it was a vet, dog afficionado, or zoologist, because there's very little technical info and there's no scientific organization. In fact, most of it is sorted in a way for an artist to find things easily.

When were they made?
The few dates mentioned would place both books created in the early 1970s from documents dating from around 1968-1973.

Could there be a sinister purpose for these,possibly an EVIL purpose?
You think these compromise a Necrodogicon? Technically, yes, it is.*

Didn't you have anything better to do for an evening?
I'm postponing housecleaning. Meaningless projects succeed every time in long-term distraction.

What are some words you'd like me to use when describing this website in an upcoming newspaper/magazine/blog/article?
'Genius' 'postmodern' 'eclectic' 'ephemera' 'coolest' and 'dogs'

Can I use these pictures?
I'd say no. Technically, the photos are all copyright their original creators. The book itself is copyright the original cutter-n-paster, and the website & navigation is all copyright me. You'd just complicate things.

Who the hell are you?
I'm Derek Dahlsad, webdesigner extraordinare.

The webdesign sucks.
I was working quickly, and why are you looking at the borders and buttons anyway? Look at the dogs. Pages and pages of dogs.

Why are things downloading so slow?
I did my best to compress the pics while keeping them from getting too ugly due to shrinkage. Unfortunately, the smallest they'd get while retaining quality is around 100K. Over a 56K modem, that might take a minute or two to download, but I've designed the rest of the page for speed to help catch up with a tolerable time limit. You have my apologies for doing this to your computer, and I do feel bad because I'm normally a proponent of designing pages for people with the average computer. Over broadband, it takes me around 10 seconds for the whole page to download. Get DSL, get a cablemodem, they're not much more expensive than your current ISP.

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Necronomicon means "book of dead names," and in Lovecraft lore it's the most evil book in the world. In my little joke, a necrodogicon would be "book of dead dogs." After thirty years, I'm sure they all are.